We are pleased to announce the details for our annual alumni dinner at the NFPA Conference!

When: Tuesday, June 12 @ 6 PM

Where: The Goodwich (7355 S. Buffalo Road, Suite G, Las Vegas, NV)

How much: $50 per person or $20 for current UMD students

Pay in Advance

Annual Meeting:

At least one annual meeting shall be held at the direction of the Steering Committee. Typically, this meeting will be held at one of the Alumni Dinners arranged during the NFPA and SFPE Meeting.

Regular Meetings:

Regular meetings of the Club shall be held at the direction of the Club Steering Committee. The business meeting schedule should be determined at the beginning of the year to allow posting on the University and Club correspondence, reports, and event lists. It is anticipated that these meetings will be held virtually via conference calls or web / internet meeting technology.

Kevin Darmody, Jen Wetzel, Jessica Kratchman, Dennis Andrukat (all FPEs) at the Engineers Ball in 2004