Message from Dr. John Bryan

The Fire Protection Engineering Department was primarily created by the activities of the Training Committee of The Maryland State Firemen’s Association. The Maryland State Firemen’s Association was and still is the source of the leaders of the Maryland Volunteer Fire Departments. Maryland’s Volunteer Fire Companies and Departments have developed a strong culture of camaraderie. Camaraderie is not only what has been created for alumni, but also fostered over the department’s long history. It’s this camaraderie that’s continued to set us a part from the other engineering disciplines at the University of Maryland.This camaraderie dates back to the department’s beginning. J. Millard Tawes, former Governor of Maryland, was the State Comptroller at the time the fire protection engineering program was born. He was President of the Maryland State Fireman’s Association and a strong supporter of the fire service overall. It was his support and that of the State Fireman’s Association that made the fire protection engineering program possible at the University of Maryland. Every time a graduate of the program goes by a fire station in Maryland, they should say “thank you.” If it wasn’t for the Maryland Volunteer Fire Service, there would never have been a fire protection engineering program at the University of Maryland.

I trust this alumni club will continue the strong culture created over 50 years ago from the fire service and share that with future alumni. I will support this club in anyway I can. Continue your dedicated and meaningful activities, many individuals and families are dependent on your efforts.

Dr John L. Bryan, Professor Emeritus

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